#BlackBoyJoyGone and Displaced screening and discussion at Streatham Space Project, London on 11th May 2022 at 8pm.

#BlackBoyJoyGone & Displaced 2 films with 3 directors who share their stories of collective brotherhood in the UK using dance storytelling, documentary conversation and artistic expression through magical realism. 

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Two new films from some of the UK’s finest talent. Dance Artist Storytellers Akeim Toussaint Buck & Isaac Ouro-Gnao share their magical truths with Artist & Film Director Ashley Karrell to create a truly unique journey of transformation. #BlackBoyJoyGone connects with 7 other black men based in the UK and from around the world allowing space for healing. Displaced connects the UK with Africa and Jamaica in a musical, dance, spoken journey calling for reflection and global change.

#BlacBlackBoyJoyGone – The Film Directed by Ashley Karrell & Isaac Ouro-Gnao

#BlackBoyJoyGone (#BBJG) is a BFI Doc Society funded hybrid documentary by and for black men on mental health, sexual trauma and finding strength through brotherhood. Directed by Ashley Karrell & Isaac Ouro-Gnao Blending interviews, poetry, dance and storytelling, it captures the lives, realities, and the hopeful perspectives of men in the North, the Midlands and London in the United Kingdom.

The individual and collective accounts inform the narratives with the addition of layers of imagery, poetry, and dance. The dance sequences draw from Hip Hop, Popping, Waving, and West African & western Contemporary techniques.

Working collaboratively with mental health organisations and individuals in the UK, including Mind charity, The Survivors Trust and Black mental health professionals, this project has reached out far and wide, to amplify the voices of Black men who are often marginalised and underrepresented in accessing support and wellbeing services.

The title ties in with the celebration of Black men through the Black boy joy motif. It is a play on how we’re never ‘too far gone’ if we seek the right help.

Displaced – The Film Directed by Akeim Toussaint Buck & Ashley Karrell

Displaced is the cinematic reimagining of Akeim Toussaint Buck’s one-man dance theatre show: ‘Windows of Displacement’. Created and Co-Directed by Ashley Karrell, the film continues the exploration of themes such as: displacement, race, culture and imperialism. Focussing more on the African Diaspora via the settings of the inner-city community. Taking aspects of the live work and re-contextualising them in real life spaces that support in amplifying this feeling of displacement. Giving the viewer a fraction of the feeling of being displaced people. Visually captivating with striking imagery and virtuoso dance, ‘Displaced’ takes the viewer on a journey calling for reflection and global change.